Wearable Interfaces Require Text Con…


I’m seeing more user interfaces on wearable devices that have poor usability due to a lack of consideration for the copy they display.

If you thought text restrictions standard mobile user interfaces posed a challenge — then you’ll love the challenges that wearable UI’s pose.

Copy writers, or better yet, user interface writers need to find ways to convey as much key information as possible in a few characters.

Wearable devices require that we ask ourselves:

  • What is the most important part of the message we’re trying to communicate?
  • Can we summarize the message in one or two words — in a useful way?
  • How will language translation affect the display of critical messaging?
  • Is it possible to encourage users to write text in a way that follows best practices?

The text restrictions force user interaction designers, user interface writers, content strategists and human factors engineers to ask themselves a bigger question:

Given the user interface restrictions, what are the viable experiences afforded by such devices ?

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Managing Complex Change (Diagram)


When you introduce new features, products, workflows or even optimizations to them, you introduce change.

I’ve seen all of these scenarios within organizations and within end-user groups.

It’s interesting how more than one of these scenarios can be part of a single project (at different times, different areas or in different groups).

So, the real scenarios can be compounded and at least twice as complex as this diagram shows.

This diagram helps to visualize the typical risk areas. Understanding them is key to effective planning and execution.

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The future of online news stories

The future of online news has been outlined by a few newspapers like The New York Times in their webpage: “2014 The Year in Interactive Storytelling, Graphics and Multimedia“.

The stories are more thorough and their use of multimedia to display supporting evidence, offer a documentary-like experience. You will find images of evidence, supporting data graphs, data contextualized geographically, timelines, and other visualizations.

Here’s another good example of interactive storytelling from UK’s newspaper, The Guardian. It includes an excellent use of photography, audio, video, infographics, animations, and content from PDF documents. It’s one of the best examples of in-depth interactive storytelling, I have seen from a news source.

The BBC was not to be left far behind and they have a few dozen examples of their “interactive guides” and graphics.

Producing interactive storytelling pieces is much more time-consuming. News resources may not be able to use this format for every story they report, but I welcome all their efforts thus far — and I look forward to more quality and engaging content.

The most valuable resource in an organization is…

I read an article on the Harvard Business Review. It posed that time is the most valuable resource in an organization. I disagree.

We often confuse the metrics associated with value with value itself. Time is a metric associated with value but time is not the value itself.

The most important metric in an organization is valuable change. The amount of time it takes to deliver valuable change can vary.

The most valuable resource in an organization is an effective employee. Effective employees understand value. They work effectively and deliver more valuable change.


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