Dan Montano is an user experience architect and product manager serving greater Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

Results that matter

  • Helped a client reduce design and development time by 50%
  • Helped a company increase profits by an amount equals to several times my salary within my first 90 days on board
  • Helped a marketing agency secure a 5 year contract by making their clients happy
  • Helped a startup improve their products and services enough to make them attractive for acquisition
  • Helped a company design an online product that went on to outpace sales of existing, branded products
  • Established the first UX department for an company
  • Hired, trained and mentored UX staff and had a queue of other company staff wanting to work in the UX department
  • Re-structured the information architecture for the largest community college in the U.S.

Key differentiators

  • Have experience performing all the UX roles
  • Able to leverage all UX skills across the full UX process
  • Have professional experience in Human Factors. Able to take into consideration, not only user interfaces, but also the use environment, social-cultural contexts, the user’s physical and mental states, cognitive factors and the technology
  • Formally trained in information science. Have skills in data science and data analysis. Able to leverage qualitative and quantitative data from user research. Able to synthesize a variety of data with machine learned data to gather more robust understandings
  • Able to use Business Intelligence tools, like: Tableau, PowerBI, and R, to visualize and understand database data. Able to use predictive analysis to identify risks and opportunities
  • Able to use tap into databases to analyze real-time data and identify risks and opportunities that need to be addressed
  • Learns about your customers and users through social media analysis, audience segmentation, social media reports and analytics
  • Able to leverage Tag Management to gather data and analyze micro-interactions and large-scale user behaviors
  • Able to identify robust and user segments through data analysis
  • Committed to continuous learning in: cognitive science, problem-solving methods, psychology, anthropology, human-computer  interaction, computer science,  Instructional Design, and other relevant disciplines and practices
  • Experience working on enterprise-level projects and life-critical medical software
  • Have worked on B2B and B2C, product, service (SaaS) projects with different business models and within different industries
  • Have experience integrating offline and online workflows and goals
  • Experienced in starting and running a business and a non-profit organization (that served communities for 12 years)
  • Formally trained in information architecture at the graduate school level
  • Familiar with processes in marketing, B2B sales, eCommerce,  customer support, product development and able to integrate their goals with the user experience process
  • 10+ years of experience designing user interfaces and user flows for web and software projects

Formally trained in:

  • Interaction design by the folks that wrote the textbooks in UX
  • New digital media, web multimedia (graduate level)
  • Information architecture (graduate level)
  • Art and new media (B.A.)
  • Continuous learning outside of academia (60+ online courses completed)

Daniel Montano is the author of: Innovation Strategies: An Overview of the World’s Most Innovative Companies; (2006), a book that analyzed strategies and tactics of companies leading the BusinessWeek innovation index.
Visit the University of St. Gallen’s library record for this book


DMDaniel Montano: User Experience and Product Manager. Designs great user experiences. Follow me on Twitter: @DanielMontano and send me an invite on LinkedinLinkedinEmail: Dan@DanMontano.com | Get in touch.



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